Width-Aware Collapsible Table

User Story We want to create a lightning__RecordPage component that displays a table that looks different whether it is in a main region or a sidebar, which means that, by default, the component is responsive and mobile friendly. For this example, we will be using the relationship between the Account and Contact objects in SalesforceContinue reading “Width-Aware Collapsible Table”

Querying Distinct Values in SOQL: Approval Process Work Items

User Story We want to get a list of approval processes that have work items that are dependent on a user that is no longer active, and we want to do it without using Apex. Background There is no DISTINCT function in SOQL, so we’re going to have to do some Aggregate Query magic. SolutionContinue reading “Querying Distinct Values in SOQL: Approval Process Work Items”

Creating Dynamic Charts with Chart.JS – Part One: Palindromic Sentences

User Story This is a pretty basic Intro to JavaScript problem (and common interview and homework problem!) that we will be solving via Salesforce. We want to input a sentence or phrase and determine whether or not what we have entered is a palindrome. For kicks and giggles, we also want to count the numberContinue reading “Creating Dynamic Charts with Chart.JS – Part One: Palindromic Sentences”

Setting Up a Chromebook for Salesforce Development

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Google or any other brand mentioned, and I am making no money for this post. If you would like to give me money for this (or any other!) post, you can go to my contact page and make a donation. So you’ve decided to buy a Chromebook. Me too!Continue reading “Setting Up a Chromebook for Salesforce Development”

Apex Specialist Superbadge Walkthrough

This blog post is going to be a walkthrough with helpful hints for the first three steps of the Apex Specialist Superbadge. Disclaimer: this is only one way to solve the challenge, and is not meant to be a full solution. There is no shortage of full answers for the challenge on the internet, butContinue reading “Apex Specialist Superbadge Walkthrough”

Managing Basic Data Loads Using Dataloader CLI

User Story We want to complete a data load into a production environment to insert and update a list of contacts from a .CSV file that we received from our data team. We have to do this load every day, and we’re doing it in production, so we want to cut down on time andContinue reading “Managing Basic Data Loads Using Dataloader CLI”

Updating DatedConversionRate sObject using Workbench REST API Explorer

Hello, and welcome to Another Salesforce Blog! Here I will be posting solutions to problems that I couldn’t find an answer to in hopes of helping those who find themselves stuck when using the Salesforce platform. User Story It’s the end of the fiscal year, and we need to update our currency conversion rates toContinue reading “Updating DatedConversionRate sObject using Workbench REST API Explorer”